Sample of use on newsgroups and web forum

1 / Set your sending email to (or another fake email) .
2 / Create a signature like this one:

Click here to contact me by email

3/ Use this profile (fake email and signature with cerbermail) to answer on newsgroups,
now your are protected.
If you are a webmasters or ablogger
To protect your email on your own web pages you can put on your page this code :
<a href=> Pour me contacter cliquer ici </a>
If you are an enhanced webmaster/coder
You can protect email of your visitors/users inside your applications through our webservice :
The function "cerbermail" use variable "lemail" to product a cerbermail code.
Example of PHP code to use this webservice
( download the file Nusoap.php )
<?php // this file name is gocerbermail.php include('nusoap.php'); require_once('nusoap.php'); $parameters = array('lemail'=>$themail); $soapclient = new soapclient(''); echo""; echo $soapclient->call('cerbermail',$parameters); ?>
To use this code: install this file (gocerbermail.php) and nusoap.php on your server and
and you will have a soap answer with the cerbermail code.
Mail me if you have any problem.